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How to buy Land or Villa in Bali

Buy a dream property in Bali Paradise Island

By buying a land/villa in Bali, you can choose the property that is really matching with you requirement and take time to compare the best option for you and your family.If you are foreigner or Indonesian citizen, we will assist you during all the process to own your property in Bali Island.


How to acquire a property in Bali Island Indonesia?
The 3 options for the foreigners

Before choose the best way for a foreigner to acquire a land in Bali or generally in Indonesia, he must first understand the Land Code of Indonesia. 2 different important rights are detailed: the Right of usage (Hak Pakai) and the Freehold (Hak Milik). A foreigner can just access to the Right of usage but can use an Indonesian Nominee with different contracts to be able to indirectly own his own land and secure his investment.


Buy a property in Bali Island

In most of the case, to acquire a land or a villa:

1. Foreigners are using the leasehold and can lease the land/villa for a period total of 70 years (initial term of 25 years + an extension of 25 years + a final renew of 20 years).

2. Freehold has no limits in the time and the Indonesian Nominee will acquire the land/villa for the foreign buyer. The ownership of the land/villa is transferred from the foreign owner to the Indonesian representative.

These 2 ways offer you the way to acquire the villa of your dream as a first home, second home or as an investment. Villa Bali Tropic Team will be here to assist you in your project.


A professional Team

The right information at the right moment!

At Villa Bali Tropic, our Team will first analyze your situation and use the service of our Notary and Lawyer to offer you the most complete information.

Because everybody is different, it is important to use a service of a professional team to choose the right way for your project.


Our principles

We are here to give you the right information and offer you a complete analyze with our professional Team to make your project become true and secure your investment with the law.

At Villa Bali Tropic, this is our responsibility!



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