Bali Contractor - Building and Construction Villa

Bali Contractor - Building and Construction VillaBali Contractor - Building and Construction Villa

Build the Villa of your Dream in Bali Island


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You are welcome anytime to visit our realizations or our villas construction in process.
We operate everywhere in Bali and closest islands and we offer to all our clients the best service and the best quality building for villa or other project. Let's meet and discuss about your project with our professional team.


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Villa Bali Tropic "Buiding and Construction"



Bali Contractor - Building and Construction

Why Choose us?

Bali Contractor - Building and Construction VillaBali Contractor - Building and Construction Villa  

Villa Bali Tropic will assist you in your project from the Architectural development until the Building and Construction of you villa.

  • Architectural Services Bali

Here at Villa Bali Tropic, we make the whole process of getting your new building project off the ground as easy as possible. This is why we are starting to become the first choice residential and commercial architects in Bali that people turn to when they are considering any building project. We manage the whole process of planning and then building your project for you, from initial house plans designs to architectural design, from dealing with planning authorities to gain planning permission, to ensuring all works meet building regulations. If necessary, our architectural design team can provide SAP calculations and structural engineer reports to the local building control officer. Whether you are looking at building an extension, a loft conversion, a garden room or a new build, our team can draw up the architectural drawings and deal with all planning and regulation issues for you. As experts in permitted development we can advise you whether your planned project falls within the permitted development guidelines.

Step 1 - Free Initial Consultation

One of our qualified architects will come to visit you at a time to suit you in your home, your office or the place where you intend to build. During this free consultation we will listen to your plans and advise you as to the feasibility of your idea. During this session we will also discuss whether your planned project could come under permitted development rights or whether planning permission will be needed.

Step 2 - Survey

After you have received our quotation, if you decide to use our services, we will send out a qualified surveyor. Our surveyor will measure and survey your property and produce our proposed design scheme, based on your ideas. We normally produce this scheme within 48 hours of the survey.

Step 3 - Architectural Drawings

Once you are happy with the design, our team of architectural designers will draw up architectural drawings for you to approve, normally within 7 days of your go-ahead.

Step 4 - We Submit Your Plans to Local Planning Authority

Once you have approved these plans, and remember, we can change them for you as many times as necessary until you are happy with them, we will then submit your plans, and any additional reports or statements as required, to your local planning authority. This is a lengthy process. Gaining planning permission can take up to eight weeks.

Step 5 - We Produce Building Regulations for Your Project and Submit them to Building Control

As soon as we have obtained planning permission for your project, we will then produce all necessary building regulations and submit these to your local building control officer.

  • Architectural Drawing and Design Services

Here at Villa Bali Tropic we know how important it is for you to see your dreams come to life. This is why we offer a complete CAD designing and drafting service so you can see what your project will look like when it is finally complete. We use the latest in architectural design technology to produce your architect drawings. By producing your architectural drawings electronically we can alter them to meet your requirements quickly, easily and for free. As experienced architects, we know that people often come up with new ideas after seeing the first draft, which is why we will make simple changes to your plans free of charge. Our architectural design team will draw up home plans, floor plans and all architectural drawings from development stage onwards. We will draw up all architectural drafting, architectural renderings, including elevations, cross-sections and layouts as well as any specialist reports needed for your builders, or for planners or building control.

  • Building Regulations

In addition to obtaining planning permission for your project we can also ensure that your building works meet all necessary building regulations to satisfy your local building control officer. All building works need to adhere to the Building Regulations.

In short, building regulations cover the following:

  • Structural safety of the building and the new building works including construction of stairs and roof building regulations
  • Fire Safety, use of fire retardant materials and providing sufficient fire escape routes within the building
  • Ensuring resistance to contaminants and moisture during the building works and after completion
  • Toxic Substances that cannot be used in the build and what to do if toxic substances such as asbestos are discovered during the building works.
  • Sound proofing and how to provide adequate sound protection during and after the build.
  • Ventilation
  • Protection from falling (for builders and inhabitants and to protect people from things falling on them)
  • Conservation of fuel and power
  • Glazing safety
  • Electrical safety
  • Workmanship and materials, which includes a list of material that can and cannot be used in construction
  • Technical guidance for builders and architects


  • Construction

When you have reached the point in your life when compromise is unnecessary, and second best is just not good enough, it is the ideal time to buy your new home from a builder who cherishes the same ideas and values...

We build more than just a home, we make dreams come true. Building a home is an art. We create something that will be visible to many and a part of lives for generations of time.

So do not wait to visit one of our projects and make your dreams come true and turn every day into a series of satisfying moments.

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